Loft Conversion Process


The loft conversion process can be covered in a 12 steps. Here we outline each of the main stages of work during the loft conversion process.


Stage 1: Workers will arrive to put up scaffolding a day or two before the work on your loft conversion commences.
Stage 2: The work team arrives to receive the delivery of building materials.
Stage 3: Work begins on the floor construction.
Stage 4: The floor is completed and the home owner will be asked to survey the work and decide if there are any last-minute layout changes he would like to make.
Stage 5: At this stage our company will alter your stairs while we get on with the internal construction such as fitting Velux Windows or weather proofing your dormer.
Stage 6: Work on insulation begins along with fitting electrical sockets. The home owner will be consulted on the placement of lights and sockets.
Stage 7: A shaft is, for the stairs which will be fitted when they arrive the following day.
Stage 8: Insulation work is finished and the building inspector will arrive to make sure all regulations have been followed.
Stage 9: Fitting of plaster boards – at this stage the work of the loft team is completed.
Stage 10: The plasterers will take over and spend around 2 to 4 days plastering.
Stage 11: The electrician arrives to complete the work on the sockets and light switches. He is followed by a carpenter and plumber who finished work on the extension.
Stage 12: The loft conversion building inspector returns to pass final completion inspection.

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