Loft conversions are an ideal way of creating much needed additional space to your property with the added benefit of increasing the value of your home by around 23% market value.


Whether you’re looking to add a bedroom, office or an extra bedroom with en-suite, ‘Loft Conversion Leeds can bring your vision to life. We have access to architects and designers who can help with the perfect creative design for your new attic conversion, We can also deal with planning permission and building control side of things on your behalf should that be required.


We offer a wide variety of building services and can take care of every part of the conversion. We can not only complete the main conversion works but also the installation of your En-suite Shower Room, Tiling, Plastering, Plumbing & Heating, Electrical & Certification, Decorating and final touches.


Loft conversions are a guaranteed way of increasing the value of your house by turning your unused attic into a functional, stylish new living space…


The style of the property that you own will in turn determine the kind of loft conversion that would be most suitable for your requirements. Below are a the more common types of conversions that are requested.


Velux Loft Conversion

loft conversions leeds

The Velux Loft Conversion is preferred by many home owners as it does not involve the additional cost of dormers, and without the need of building a roof extension. A Velux Loft conversion keeps costs to a minimum.

If you live in a house situated in a conservation area it is highly likely that dormers will not be permitted, and therefore Velux roof light windows will be the only solution in this situation.

Fortunately there are no restrictions on the amount of roof lights you can install.

The brand Velux manufacture rooflights in all shapes and sizes that can be top opening or centre pivoted. They produce “Terrace” and an attractive style named “Cabrio” to satisfy your requirements.


Dormer Loft Conversion

twin dormer loft conversion leeds

A dormer loft conversion involves building a dormer window, with a dormer that can have a pitched roof, a pitched gable roof, or a flat roof.

 A dormer loft conversion is ideal for those who would like a bigger loft, or home owners who currently have a hipped roof. A current trend is converting a loft into a master suite for which large rear dormers are ideal, because they enable you to create a large bedroom with a dressing area and en-suite bathroom. Basically, what a dormer does is create additional head space which is not possible with a
Velux loft conversion.

Although flat roofs tend to have a bad reputation, you don’t have to be concerned because our flat roof conversions are not entirely flat – they do have some slope, and because we use a custom three layer surface to cover the roof, the work is fully guaranteed for 10 years as leak proof. The advantage of a flat roof dormer loft conversion is it provides substantial additional space. Where possible, we tile hang the dormer so it matches your existing roof.


Gable Loft Conversion

hip to gable conversion leeds

The hip to gable loft conversion where substantial modifications are made to the property roof. During the construction, the wall is built to the same height as the line of the ridge, and essentially an entire new roof is made to fill in the gap. There are a number of options you can choose for the gable wall such as block work with render, roof tiles, or brickwork. You can also decide to match the new roof with the existing bricks or wall design of the home.

Due to the work involved and the changes made to the property, in many cases planning permission is required for this type of loft conversion.

Whichever type of loft conversion you decide to go for, you can be sure that we are highly experienced loft conversion experts and have already performed conversions for dozens of happy customers throughout Leeds.


Mansard Loft Conversion

mansard conversion leeds

The Mansard Loft conversion is one of the more preferred types of conversion in Leeds as it is usually popular with the local authorities.

A Mansard conversion is placed at the back of the house with a dormer sloped at around 70 degrees. Where possible we will use bricks that blend with the character of your existing building.


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